key features
  • Property details
  • Insert property details and exact rental dates
  • Instant expense and rental entry
  • Building your asset and loans summary
  • Store unlimited properties on the app
  • Complete control over your property and finances
  • Integrates with your devices camera to upload images of your property
  • Capital Gains Summary - Instant glance at the value of your portfolio
  • Profit & Loss Summary - Keep track of your profitablity
  • Need your property profit and loss for that last minute tax return?
  • Download and email to your accountant your full letting account for all or each property
  • Comprehensive general ledger for analysis and knowing where your montly spend has been for tax and business purposes
  • Template forms - Referencing templates, holding deposit, standing order set up, deposit protection and many more
  • Tenancy Agreement - A comprehensive and legally approved binding tenancy agreement as required under current UK & Wales law
  • Checklist - Detailed list to ensure you have completed all tasks in letting your property and received the relevant documents